My 2015 Spring and Summer Favorite Trends

By Revital Baron June 8th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments

Of the many trends that have captured the spring/summer and autumn/winter 2015 fashion weeks—trouser suits, gingham patterned everything from mini dresses to coats, suede items and more— here are the 11 trends which I am delighted to adopt.  Stylish or not, these up-to-the-minute items, combined with your own capsule wardrobe, can create that extra touch you may be looking for. As perfectly put by Coco Chanel: "I'm for Style. Fashions change too quickly." So here are some of the latest trends that you too may want to embrace:

1. Gladiator Sandals – either high heels or flats, these sandals have captured the latest fashion weeks. Here are a few combinations that will make you want to start tying up those long shoelaces.

2. Mismatched Earrings – a trend which has come and gone over the years, but it’s hard not to love this image of a single statement earing, pleasing to look at yet confident and bold.

3. Totally Red – this look has been trending over the past year but has lately been seen not only for short/long dresses but also for full pantsuits. Personally, I stick to the dress option and like to keep it for cocktail or evening wear.

4. A Touch of Lace – in previous posts I have shared the beautiful, new and upgraded interpretations for white and black lace. You don’t need to adopt the total look, but just be inspired by how white lace is so beautifully incorporated and reimagined.

5. Platforms – if, like me, you enjoy the extra height of high heels yet look for comfort, platforms are a great choice, and they are back this summer in various shapes and forms.

6. Overalls – they can be found lately in leather, jeans or various other fabrics. I go for   the quality look rather than the stonewashed, cowboy style. You'd be surprised how this habitually casual item can look dressy and even formal.  


7. White Shirts – a variety of button-up white shirts can be found from many designers such as Michael Kors, Tory Bruch, Equipment and others. As shared in an earlier post here, they always look great with jeans but here are some beautiful other combinations which work just as well.

8. Polished Denim – this can be considered as a jeans upgrade, creating a stylish and formal look.

9. Shirt Dresses – these stood out on the fall catwalk and translate wonderfully into the real world.

10. Medium-Size Obi Belts – this is perhaps one of this season’s most flattering trends. Tie an obi belt around you and knot it to the side for optimum waist-whittling benefit. Images below by BCBG, Rebecca Taylor, Suno.

11. Silver Glimmer – whether as part of the cloth or as an accessory addition, this touch of gloss and shine can do wonders to lighten a look.

Enjoy the inspiration and have fun trying these new additions.

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