Hello, my name is Revital. Welcome to My Road.

Initially started as a place to share my entrepreneurial journey along with  my love for fashion, travel, books and other lifestyle related recommendation, as I believe, our style influences our overall daily choices and defines who we are. But since VENNDY came to life, I find it more practical and effective to use it for my lifestyle preferences and focus THE ROAD on helping online entrepreneurs build emotional strength to pursue their passion and fulfill their dreams.  

I loves traveling and meeting new and interesting people from all over the world, I am thrilled to be living at this time in history, when people are connected in so many different ways. It is great to be able to reach out far beyond our geographic presence and to interact, connect, and collaborate with others in order to make an impact and drive change.

I believe in inspiration, creativity, and productivity and in the ongoing search to realize our innate potential. This is my journey, a journey of self-development, of overcoming challenges, and of discovering the place where we can bring the maximum value to the people around us.

I would like to share with you a story from many years ago, a story that probably had a great impact on what I am doing today.

I was 12 when I first went overseas. It was over 30 years ago… times were different. I flew by myself and went to stay with my aunt and uncle in Paris for a month. As we were driving through the streets of Paris on the way from the airport, I was disillusioned by my first glimpses. The Paris of my imagination was the city of lights, yet all I could see were old buildings and grey skies. However, before long, I had fallen in love with the city, the atmosphere, the boulangeries, the language, the food, the fashion, and the way French girls styled themselves. One day, I was sightseeing with my two cousins. We were getting around on the metro, and at one point, as we were approaching a station, my two guides started arguing about whether this was our stop. Just as the doors were closing, they both jumped off the train, leaving me behind unable to open the now sealed doors. I got off at the next stop to find myself surrounded by strangers and by homeless people sitting and staring at the people running in and out the trains. This was, you should remember, before the age of mobile phones or any other useful means of communication. I had no telephone numbers to call anyone, and I had no money on me. Feeling desperate, I felt I couldn't stay in the metro station and realized I had no choice but to find my way back home. I started walking through the streets of Paris, getting by with my basic French, asking for directions from passers-by to the Arc de Triomphe which I knew was close to my family’s apartment. Three hours and two feet full of blisters later, I finally got there. My experience of that day left a very strong impression on me; it gave me confidence that I could find solutions to any problems I might encounter, and it shaped my belief that as long as I can communicate with my surroundings, there will always be a way out and good people to lend a hand.  

These past two years since embarking on my entrepreneurial journey, first as a blogger and then as a tech entrepreneur, have reminded me of my overwhelming experience of standing there in that metro station, uncertain what to do next. Finding our way in the online world requires adjustment, and it took me back to the feelings of an adolescent searching for her way.  Now that I understand that the virtual world has its own rules, I decided to focus my blog on reaching out to others who stand in front of similar uncertainties looking for guidance and help. By collaborating, networking, and sharing stories, I hope that this blog will provide some assistance and grow into a community for driven and fearless entrepreneurs, both young and older, who understand that success comes from that inner urge that burns within you alongside the outreach to others for communication, connection, and collaboration. No matter how strong and motivated we are as individuals, the power of many and the bigger cause will always be the strength behind any individual endeavor.

I encourage you to share your experiences and insights by commenting on my posts, so that others can benefit and also reach out.

Good luck to us all!


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