• Prints
    By Revital Baron July 6th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    Flowers are one of nature's perfections. It is, therefore, not surprising that designers are often inspired to capture the feeling of nature in their fabrics. Printed fabrics are often colorful and cheerful, imbuing the wearer with a sense of boldness. So too are the images I share with you today, each lending a different interpretation to the idea of prints, flowers, and their combinations. Prints can be calmer and more restrained or noisier and more self-assured. You can take the full outfit or settle for a touch just to get the spirit.  I find it hard to achieve a clean-...
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  • Nude or Blush – My Current Favorite Color
    By Revital Baron June 29th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    Be it clothes, shoes, nail polish or wallpaper – lately I can't seem to resist the color nude/blush. It’s neither beige nor pink but something in between. It is probably the natural shade and calm presence that makes it so appealing, lending it something magical. It does seem to be more present both in fashion shows and on the high street, but it might also be my current mindset causing me to notice it rather than its intensified presence.  This color seems to echo the notion of being able to accept things as they are; adopting an effortless shade which surprisingly has the oppo...
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  • Finding Inspiration in the Fashion World
    By Revital Baron June 22nd, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    I have written before about how fashion is one way of communicating with the world. Here and here are just two examples of previous post on this subject.  Yet, I have often wondered if some of the designs presented in fashion shows, which take this type of expression a few steps further, don’t occasionally go just a little too far. While it is evident what the designer or brand had in mind, the question remains with what ease can we, the customers, adopt and wear such items. Understanding that fashion is about the transformation of ideas, some of which are thoroug...
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  • Fringe – The Easygoing Movement
    By Revital Baron June 15th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    Fringe is a trend which is all about movement; it started with the runways’ ubiquitous flapping, swinging fringe, but soon you are bound to see it everywhere. Personally, I prefer the "touch" of a fringe rather than a full-on ensemble affected by this style. A fringed clutch bag or shoes can add some spice to this latest mode. But some of the dresses or skirts you can see below are very special in their ability not only to create a nice outfit but also to contrive an interesting and ever-changing image effected by the movement of the body and its wrapping. The long, separated trimmin...
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  • My 2015 Spring and Summer Favorite Trends
    By Revital Baron June 8th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    Of the many trends that have captured the spring/summer and autumn/winter 2015 fashion weeks—trouser suits, gingham patterned everything from mini dresses to coats, suede items and more— here are the 11 trends which I am delighted to adopt.  Stylish or not, these up-to-the-minute items, combined with your own capsule wardrobe, can create that extra touch you may be looking for. As perfectly put by Coco Chanel: "I'm for Style. Fashions change too quickly." So here are some of the latest trends that you too may want to embrace: 1. Gladiator Sandals – either high heels or flats,...
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  • Two of a kind
    By Revital Baron May 18th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    As much as fashion is about self-expression and being guided by ones' own internal style or, conversely, adhering to trends or strict fashion rules, fashion is also part of an ongoing conversation between ourselves, the world, and the people around us. It is no coincidence therefore that many of the street styles captured by the camera's lens tell a "story" of the relationships hidden behind the images. Take, for example, the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, who have been  partners for years, first as actresses and then as fashion designers. They are marketing their successful...
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  • The Ultimate Right Combination
    By Revital Baron May 4th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    Two of next seasons' hottest trends are button-up white shirts and polished denim. While considering which of the many latest trends I am more likely to adopt — thoughts that I will share with you later this month — I got to thinking how this combination of jeans and a white top has always been a winner; you can never go wrong with it. Whatever shade of jeans you choose—polished, simply dark or light wash blue—and whatever texture—the clean or ripped look—when combined with a white T-shirt, a blouse or a button-up shirt, it is in my opinion always feminine and attractive. It is the ou...
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  • Off- and On-Duty Blazers…
    By Revital Baron April 27th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    I love blazers, jackets, and any fitted and flattering upper body wrappings. Unless you are quite tall or wearing high heels, the shorter blazers will probably suit you better, but the longer cuts have a charm that works well with skinny jeans and stilettos.  Personally, I am less in favor of the full skirt or pants suit and prefer the mix and match combinations of colors and styles. I find that a good choice of blazer is one that goes with jeans or a casual skirt but can, at the same time, look classy and business-like with the right formal pants. With spring around the corner,...
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  • Chic in Black and White
    By Revital Baron April 20th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    I would like to share with you today some beautiful outfits governed by the blend of black and white. For many years I found myself reluctant to wear this combination, probably because I was thinking of the "standard" look of a white top with black bottoms—a very traditional and business-like offering. However, a mere change in the order, namely a dark top with light bottoms, can make all the difference and break the unwelcome convention.  As you can see below, there are numerous alternatives for the twinning of these two colors, all of which create an interesting look while pla...
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  • Ski Wear
    By Revital Baron April 13th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    For those of you wondering why there were no new posts on the blog this past week, it was all for a good reason: I took the week off for a family vacation in the French Alps. Not exactly a leisurely, relaxing holiday in the conventional sense; ski vacations are a more about schedule, deadlines and self-discipline, especially if, like me, you’re still dependent on ski lessons, a group, and an instructor. In tomorrow’s post I will share with you my insights about start to ski at a later age when you need to apply these disciplines to the full, in contrast to those who were fortunate eno...
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