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Flowers are one of nature's perfections. It is, therefore, not surprising that designers are often inspired to capture the feeling of nature in their fabrics. Printed fabrics are often colorful and cheerful, imbuing the wearer with a sense of boldness. So too are the images I share with you today, each lending a different interpretation to the idea of prints, flowers, and their combinations. Prints can be calmer and more restrained or noisier and more self-assured. You can take the full outfit or settle for a touch just to get the spirit. 

I find it hard to achieve a clean-cut and elegant appearance with prints, except in limited traces. Bold colored prints radiate a confident state of mind, while pastels or a brief touch of a print transmit a milder version of this mindset.  I am not sure if the printed, extroverted appearance is more about courage or about cheerfulness; either way it has more to do with having an easygoing spirit and your own way of style. As this week's theme on the blog is about courage and perfectionism and how the two interact, I would say that flower or eye-catching prints are a more courageous choice, representing an attitude which shuns perfection or the need to comply with  conventional style rules. Here are some examples to let you judge for yourself.

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