Nude or Blush – My Current Favorite Color

By The Road To: Fashion Comments

Be it clothes, shoes, nail polish or wallpaper – lately I can't seem to resist the color nude/blush. It’s neither beige nor pink but something in between. It is probably the natural shade and calm presence that makes it so appealing, lending it something magical. It does seem to be more present both in fashion shows and on the high street, but it might also be my current mindset causing me to notice it rather than its intensified presence.  This color seems to echo the notion of being able to accept things as they are; adopting an effortless shade which surprisingly has the opposite impact.  It is a great choice for summer, complimenting lightly tanned skin. However, while a nude pair of stilettos is a must-have in any fashionista's capsule wardrobe, the limitations of this color cannot be denied when it comes to clothing items. It can make a fabulous outfit, but it can likewise be a complete flop because of the way it matches your skin tone or hair color. In my case, the success of this color depends on understanding the variance between the range of pinks and beiges on the scale, discerning the subtle changes in hue. Nude is commonly described as a little darker than champagne and lighter than sand while blush is about that hint of pink or peach. A gentle touch of pink makes a difference for me, but I recommend being aware of which tone works best for you. Here are some examples of the variations of tones of this allegedly neutral color to spark some inspiration and help you work out the right one for you.


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