• A Jump over to the Far East – The Thai Islands
    By Revital Baron January 20th, 2015 To: Travel Comments
    One of the pleasures of traveling is exploring new places, sceneries, people, language, tastes, smells, design, atmosphere, and traditions—in other words, everything that contributes to the creation of customs that signify a society's culture. That is the reason why traveling to places so different from where we come from in terms of attitudes to modernity, life, and beliefs is what makes the destination so fascinating. I still have a long list of places I hope to find the time and budget to visit, but I am quite happy with my achievements so far. There were trips planned for the...
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  • Pienza: location and atmosphere – all you need for a memorable vacation
    By Revital Baron December 24th, 2014 To: Travel Comments
    In addition to my previous post on Italian travel—Tuscany— I would like to share an unpredictably special experience in a spot we visited for the first time: Pienza.  Sometimes there is one experience that eclipses all others and becomes the highlight of your vacation. It  gives you that memorable moment, the one you long to relive sometime soon…. Pienza, located in the province of Siena on the Tuscan/Umbrian border in between the towns of Montepulciano and Montalcino, was termed by the architect Nicholas Adams, "the touchstone of Renaissance urbanism." Personall...
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  • Tuscany
    By Revital Baron November 6th, 2014 To: Travel Comments
    Italy has a charm all of its own. History radiates from every corner; the architecture, art, fashion, food, and hospitality – they all justify this country’s high reputation among tourists from all over the world. Whether visiting the two largest cities, Rome and Milan, the many smaller but beautiful cities such as Venice and Florence, or the rural regions, including the lakes in the north, Tuscany and Umbria in the center, or Positano on the southern Amalfi Coast — each place offers much to see and do.               ...
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