Adding a Scarf for that Extra Touch

By The Road To: Fashion Comments

I must admit that I am not an accessories person. I tend to look for the practical functionality of all the objects I use. And though I fully appreciate a well-groomed appearance with general accessorization, I find it hard to adopt this style myself. I suppose you could say that I take classic interpretations as my cue for personal trimming, for example, the addition of that winter must, the scarf. Using a scarf just to keep warm is, of course, an option, but one look at all the images below and you will probably agree with me that the touch of a scarf elevates the look, lending a natural balance to the overall appearance. Making sure that the colors work together, the fabrics interact, and the way you wear it matches the style language of your choice may create that winning combination. Use it wrongly, however, and the scarf might well look redundant or overdone. That is certainly not the case in the images I share with you today. Wear it like you mean it, and it will show way more than just style.

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