Want to Take the Entrepreneurial Road? You’d Better Start Running!

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Running and entrepreneurship are not the same thing. You can be a great runner and have nothing to do with starting a business, and you can (apparently) be a happy and successful entrepreneur who hasn’t run a single mile in her life. Yet, there are, in my experience, a few similarities, and some thoughts that keep emerging while doing one of the two which remind me of their resemblance.

1. You never get used to the starts. No matter how many times you’ve done it before, every new run requires a call to that inner motivation starter that will get you out there one more time and "get it over with."

2. Entrepreneurship isn’t a marathon – it’s a double, triple, ultramarathon. I’m not trying to break your spirit, but be prepared; don’t even start unless you're up to the never-ending challenges coming your way.

3. It hurts at times, but that feeling of endorphins spreading throughout your body is worth all the suffering in between the start and the finish line.

4. It requires tons of self-discipline or, better said, a fatal determination. Stopping is simply not an option.

5. There are parts of the course when you feel grateful for simply being there, you are enjoying the moment, the here and now. But there are parts when you drown in doubts: why do I need this? Why did I ever start?

6. Every practice session is part of a long term strategy. This might be practicing consistency, keeping in shape, feeding your addiction to satisfaction, etc. Unless you know why you enjoy the run and how it is forming your bigger picture, it will be hard to keep up the regular practice. 

7. Hills are a hard part. There are two ways of dealing with them: either head down, eyes on the ground, and no looking up until you reach the top, or (and I still don’t manage this often) eyes straight ahead, fixed on the summit, with that nothing-can- beat-me look.

8. Running alone, running as a couple, or running in a group are not the same and can serve different purposes and create different mind-sets. It is wise to practice them all once in a while; it helps give perspective. But stick to the method that works best for you!

9. Seeing other runners on the course can either reduce or boost your desire to reach the finishing line. Make sure you practice the second, regardless of the results. You don’t have to come first to be a winner!

10. Forget about the "get it over with" approach; you cannot really run long distances if you're only there for the end result. Unless you learn to enjoy the moment and be thankful for every step of the way, you won't get too far. You may finish a few runs, but you will not find the will to keep consistent and achieve your goals.

Good luck with running… whatever your journey may be!

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