• Here are the Reasons to Start Running
    By Revital Baron June 16th, 2015 To: Body&Soul Comments
    You, like me, are probably fully aware of the importance and advantages of a daily workout routine. We all hear from friends and acquaintances how much better their life is since they took this path. You can find dozens of articles summarizing the importance and improvements and throngs of bloggers writing about why it is so great to run. Here is one beautiful example—a short summary of 50 reasons to run. By the time you get into this routine, you need no more convincing. You know, feel and react to it by yourself. But the hard part is getting to that stage. I can only share my...
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  • I Should Have Been Convinced to Start Meditating By Now
    By Revital Baron June 9th, 2015 To: Body&Soul Comments
    I have to start with a confession: you know how it is when you know what could make you feel good, but somehow it’s just too hard to start doing it? That’s how I feel about meditation. So often I wish I could just calm down, get rid of the tension I feel all over my body and improve my ability to focus on thinking, planning and executing. Occasionally I even research ways to start meditating, but I rarely get beyond the third day of practice. Some of the research highlighted by the writers of the Confidence Code, as shared here, removed any doubts I still had on the matter. Although...
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  • Starting to Ski in your 40s
    By Revital Baron April 14th, 2015 To: Body&Soul Comments
    Life can be seen as an endless list of experiences, each one another step in our search for happiness or glorious moments as we try to live life to the full. And this is why I have chosen to share with you my take on my latest experience: learning how to ski. Is there a cutoff date for our capacity to acquire new skills, start a new career or make our dreams come true? I often ponder this, and it was no different when considering skiing. I couldn’t get enough of my friends’ excitement about how exhilarating a sport skiing is. When I reached the stage in life when I could fin...
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