• The Nights
    By Revital Baron May 5th, 2015 To: Music Comments
    "He said, ‘One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember.' My father told me when I was just a child These are the nights that never die My father told me." Avicii – "The Nights" "When I die I want to be remembered for the life I lived not the money I made." This is how Avicii chooses to open the lately released video clip for his song "The Nights." We often confuse our definition of success and goals in life with the ultimate measurable parameter of money. Not that money is not important, don’t get me wrong, but  money as a standalone o...
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  • Living For Love / Carry on
    By Revital Baron March 31st, 2015 To: Music Comments
    Madonna's new album, her thirteenth studio album Rebel Heart, is yet more proof that regardless of age, seniority, prestige, or the heights already scaled, when you're doing something that  burns from deep inside your core, there is no expiry date or fade out to that inner drive. Talking about Madonna, I have a confession to make: she is the only person who I could ever call a role model. Not because of what she does, but because of her courage and her ability to be so utterly true to herself, her dreams and her self-expression. She is someone who, perhaps  against the odds,...
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  • Love Runs Out
    By Revital Baron February 10th, 2015 To: Music Comments
    "I got my mind made up, man, I can't let go. I'm killing every second 'til it saves my soul. (Ooh) I'll be running, (Ooh) I'll be running, 'Til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out." Love Runs Out, One Republic Written by: Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Drew Brown, Zach Filkins, Eddie Fisher    I love the drums and the beat pulsing through this song. It gives it power and reminds me of a racing heart in a high impact training session, or a hectic rush hour in a vibrant city. It is the tempo I crave for the unfolding events of my life, but it is also simply a...
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  • Stronger
    By Revital Baron December 30th, 2014 To: Music Comments
    "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Friedrich Nietzsche It was great hearing this encouraging sentence in Kelly Clarkson’s wonderful song "Stronger” (originally called "What Doesn’t Kill You”). The Nietzsche-inspired chorus, as well as the uplifting melody, caught me just when I needed it, and although, fortunately, it wasn’t the departure of a lover that resonated with me, it turned out to be a significant motivational song for me while running.   What doesn't kill you makes you stronger Stand a little taller Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alon...
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  • All of Me
    By Revital Baron November 18th, 2014 To: Music Comments
    It is only when you accepts and loves yourself with all the rough edges and imperfections that you are able to embrace the same love of others. And, at the same time, be able to love others regardless of their deficiencies and maybe even because of them.   "Cause all of me   Loves all of you   Love your curves and all your edges   All your perfect imperfections"John Legend     A beautiful, beautiful song describing the essence of love and all that we wish for.   Enjoy! Imag...
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  • Clarity
    By Revital Baron November 6th, 2014 To: Music Comments
    "If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy? If our love's insanity, why are you my clarity?" Porter Robinson, Matthew Bair, Anton Zaslavski and Holly Hafferman.       This chorus from Zedd ft. Foxes recent song "Clarity,” while not one of my favorite melodies at first, immediately caught my attention because of its lyrics. It made me contemplate how contradictions and polarities can help us find accuracy; by persistently asking the questions, looking for the answers and finding our true place of comfort.   How of...
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