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"Dress for yourself and what suits your lifestyle,
  and you will always look good.” Stacy London.
Modern life imposes on us women enormous challenges. As fortunate as I feel to live in an era where we no longer need to draw water from the well, and as grateful as I am to all the brave women, those bold visionaries who led the feminist movement and laid the foundations for a better future, it cannot be denied that we may have won the battle only to lose the war. We have made great progress, but, as numerous studies have claimed, women today are less happy despite over 40 years of feminism. There are, of course, several reasons for this, but the main reason, in my opinion, is our realization that it is just too difficult, almost impossible, to juggle all of our responsibilities. Some might say that we got it all but found out, in the event, that it wasn’t quite what we had hoped for. This is not my personal interpretation but I do strongly believe that we are in a transition period.  We found ourselves privileged enough to study, develop a career and aspire to self-fulfillment, but, at the same time, we remain the central figure in the home, still responsible for all the traditional aspects of building and raising a family. In this transition period, each of us finds our own way to strike the best possible balance between our duties and our passions by adopting a "lifestyle.” Lifestyle is no longer a synonym for luxury, pleasure or leisure. Lifestyle is the outcome of compressing all aspects of modern life, including society’s defined roles for women: being mothers, wives, daughters and friends, taking care of how we look, what we give our family to eat, the way we build and decorate our home, and entertain our guests. This is in addition to aspects of individual growth: developing a career, improving self-expression, looking for self-fulfillment, being updated, cultured, physically fit and spiritually enlightened. And while doing all these, time has become the resource we most lack, and we find ourselves running from one place to another, with little, if any, energy left by the end of the day. Bearing all this in mind, staying up-to-date and conscious of your personal style—fashion, behavior and body condition— is no more a luxury than a must. As Shannon Ables from The Simply Luxurious Life Blog said so beautifully: "Each woman has a signature style that makes her feel her best and highlights her body beautifully allowing her to exude confidence wherever her schedule takes her." Fashion, as a reflection of its day, at times adjust to the needs of its audience and at times plays a role in changing conventions, but it always remains a significant part of our conscious daily choices.
So I choose to open the Fashion section of my blog with a salute to the modern woman, wherever she is, for trying to do it all; for working during the day, fitting in the errands, and going out in the evening.  Here are some inspiring outfits that can take us from morning to night, functional but stylish, comfortable yet elegant and feminine.
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