Business Gone Viral: How to Use Social Media to Benefit Your Career

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Until not very long ago, navigating a career path in the business world conjured up pictures of handshakes, suits and meeting rooms. Obviously, this is no longer the case. With its vast influence on our lives, we can no longer ignore social media’s impact on the professional aspects of life. Because nowadays, it's not just about handing out business cards and having cocktails with the right crowd; anyone considering you as a potential employee or investment would almost certainly want to check up on you and learn more about your online presence.

You see, you no longer live in a world where you only exist in only one dimension; your online avatar accompanies you wherever you go. You must, therefore, be savvy about the images you let the rest of the online world see. It is that momentary hesitation right before you hit the "post" button that can make the difference between getting the job or losing it to Jane Doe who was second in line but didn't scare the HR lady with her tweets.

Just saying.

So here are a handful of tips which are guaranteed to upgrade your social media channels and online persona in ways that would get you hired and not fired.

Tip #1- Go through your privacy lists on FB

Most people don't make the time to learn about the different privacy options on FB. The fact is that people who are not your friends can probably see a whole lot more than you are aware of. For your own sake, keep a check on your public profile, and if you have co-workers on FB as well, make sure they are on a separate list from the rest of your friends — you don't really want them to know how much you bitch about work and what sandwich you ate for lunch today. Your other FB friends will probably tolerate this information much better.

Tip #2- Look like your dream position

If it is the position of CEO you are gunning for, then make sure all of your profile pictures say it loud and clear. A good professional shot taken by a photographer or even a friend with a good artistic touch can go a long way on your career path. People would rather hire the girl with the bright smile and button-up shirt than the oddball in the pink hoodie who looks about 12.   

Tip #3- Use social media as a tool

You might be surprised by just who you can reach and interact with simply by being active online. Be sure to follow the profiles of your favorite companies or business mentors. Your comment on a random post just might be the thing that catches someone's attention and helps you get places.

Tip #4- Use free CV templates and portfolios online

To get ahead of the competition, you have to stand out. One great way of upgrading your business persona is by bringing your A game to the table: you can make your CV look so much better just by using a designed template which you can download for free or at a very low cost. Find a great template with a simple Google search, and the HR person who picks up your resume will know you mean business.

In most cases—be it for a career in graphic design, photography, content positions, etc.—you need to showcase a portfolio of prior works. Websites, such as WIX, are convenient online platforms for building and designing your virtual space. Be sure to use a clear picture of yourself, a short bio, and a lot of examples of your best work.

Tip #5- Use inspiring content

Put on your boss’s hat for a second and consider what kind of employee you would like to hire.  The positive one, the one who inspires everyone around and has great, exciting ideas, right? So be that person online. Tweet about your ideas, quote inspiring people, and try to bring affirmative and encouraging messages online. You’d be surprised by the number of people who actually see and remember these kinds of things.

Well, that's it for now. Just a useful recap to make you take a moment to guarantee you are hitting the right buttons and making the right impression to achieve your life’s goals and aspirations. Take the time and think it over, and let us know if there are any more useful insights from your own experience. We would love to hear and learn more. Good luck.

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