5 exciting ways to add some spice to your Instagram account

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So, you've opened up an Instagram account and the traffic in there is going a bit slow? Here are 5 hot tips that will help add some flavor to your virtual photo album.

Rule #1- What is your language?

Like every social media platform you own, you should really give some thought to the language and ideas you share on the internet. Just as an example, if you think there is even the slightest chance your future self might want to go into the field of politics, it would probably be wise to put all those bikini selfies on hold. Just saying.

Try and think of an angle that you want to share with your followers. Almost every Instagram account is a combo of food, family members, and pets. What is your or your brand's view of life? Try and be original as possible. Are you a person who enjoys motivational quotes? Maybe the incredible sights you get to see on your work trips around the globe?  Whatever it is, make it memorable. You can find helpful artistic tips here.

Rule #2-  #NoFilter? Not always a good idea.

You’ve probably seen enough Instagram accounts by now to know that the #NoFilter hashtag is quite popular. Well, that artistic choice, as interesting as it might be, is not always the wisest. The very beauty of Instagram is that it helps the world look better through the magic of filters. To NOT use a filter means that you prefer to give up on some of the magic— which is tantamount to killing a unicorn or laying off a guardian angel. Not cool.

In case you were wondering, one of the most popular filters out there, especially among brands, is Lo-fi . Another good one according to the popularity ratings is the X- Pro II. Give them a try.

Rule #3- Lucky number 11

So, everyone has their own theory on the number of hashtags that might do the trick. Some say it's best to put as many hashtags as possible so the odds of grabbing stray Instagram users will be forever in your favor. Others say to use only two hashtags per post, so that users won't think you're trying to spam with that post of yours. The number that keeps coming up when social media experts are asked is 11 hashtags per post. They claim that 11 is the balance between way too many and way too few. So if you're debating which number to go with in that great casino of social media, go with lucky number 11.

Rule #4- The best time to post

Oh, the great mystery of social media. When, oh when, should I post this Mona Lisa I just took using my Iphone camera? In terms of the hour, that really depends on your crowd and on the people you want to draw into your account. If you're a 40-something business executive with a 9 to 5 job, you might want to post it early in the morning so people will get a chance to see it on their way to the office or while drinking their morning coffee. If you're a teen, however, you’d be better off posting after school hours. As for days, even though Thursday is the most popular day to post, experts claim that Sunday will give you better results.

Rule #5- Have fun!

It is so easy to get lost with all those rules and statistics telling you what to do. At the end of the day, the best way to get followers on any social media platform is by using great content. That is the number one rule to anything! And for you to have great content, you should really believe that the things you post are fun to look at, make you laugh, think, or get inspired.

So, even if your thing is to post pictures of hotdogs from all over the world, find the most interesting way to do that, so that a certain follower will bump elbows with his friend and say : "Bro, you have to check out this account. This user posts the funniest hotdogs pictures I've ever seen!"

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