• Accelerate the Global Gender Parity Clock
    By Revital Baron February 17th, 2015 To: Articles Comments
    I was thrilled to stumble across this Ernst & Young (EY) endeavor to gather their resources, collective knowledge, experience, and influence in order to take part in accelerating the Global Gender Parity Clock. This initiative was launched as a result of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2014 Global Gender Gap Report which estimated that gender parity in the workplace will only be achieved in 2095. Another 80 years, 4 generations until stereotypes, habits, and antiquated distinctions based on gender will no longer play a role in people's ability to contribute and...
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  • All or Nothing: Marriages and Self-Fulfillment
    By Revital Baron December 16th, 2014 To: Articles Comments
    The other day I met with a web designer to discuss future collaboration with my innovative endeavors. As so often happens when meeting woman to woman, our meeting soon became a personal conversation. She is a young mother of two toddlers, super motivated, intelligent, full of energy, still holding on to the dream of success but not certain of the path taking her there. She left me with a feeling which resonated so strongly, namely that sense of being handcuffed by the daily routine of motherhood; a restriction that we, as mothers, willingly impose on ourselves and which men, in ma...
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  • Being a Tech Woman
    By Revital Baron December 9th, 2014 To: Articles Comments
    A recent and recommended article from The New Yorker quoted a demographic report on Silicon Valley workforces, confirming what everyone already knew: "Tech is a man’s world." Tech rock stars like Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer with their senior leadership positions are rare, and men make up 60 to 70 percent of employees at the participating tech companies, while the number of female computer science graduates has almost halved. As mentioned in Writing, a previous post in The Road topic, reading about people, especially women, who have made it to th...
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