• Conceptual Event Planning: Flower Arrangements
    By Revital Baron July 8th, 2015 To: Decor Comments
    Flowers alone can bring magic to any event. In my opinion, it’s hard to go wrong with flowers, as long as there is a repetitive color, a fixed array of flowers, and the right vases. However, the overall effect created by a skillful hand is not easy to imitate, and so I cannot thank enough Reut Zagoni and her partner Sivan, the event designers I worked with in the event I shared with you here and here, for the beautiful flower arrangements and centerpieces I am sharing with you today.  With flowers, you don’t need a perfect result to make an impact.  As you can see,...
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  • Conceptual Event Planning: A Bit of Advice
    By Revital Baron June 30th, 2015 To: Decor Comments
    Further to the previous post where I shared some of my insights on conceptual event planning—an occasion that is customized to suit your own needs and celebration—today I am sharing with you an idea that emerged from the "little gifts" concept but which can be adjusted for use with others. If you are looking for giveaways for your guests which have extra added value, how about using the idea of appropriate and memorable quotes which have made an impression on you and, more importantly, may reflect your guests’ beliefs? Not surprisingly, many of the quotes we used are ones that...
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  • Conceptual Event Planning Tips: It All Started with a Single Snapshot
    By Revital Baron June 23rd, 2015 To: Decor Comments
    Party planning always makes me nervous. Along with the excitement, there is always the expectation to manage a near flawless, impeccable event. There are so many aspects to attend to and so many loose ends to tie up, but one thing is for sure, once the time arrives and for a long time after it is all over, you are left with sweet memories that make you want to start all over again. Personally, I LOVE events with a theme or concept that runs throughout the pre-, mid-, and post-event: location, décor, food, entertainment, party favors, even the invitation and thank-you note...
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  • Breezy Brazilian Beach Atmosphere
    By Revital Baron January 27th, 2015 To: Decor Comments
    With winter storms and the cold weather outside, while some of us are heading to ski resorts, I couldn’t refrain from sharing memories of a beach vacation with sun, sea and bright blue skies— could one imagine a more relaxing vacation!  And it is hardly surprising that we then try to keep our holiday memories alive by integrating some of the concepts encountered during our time-off into our everyday lives— even if it is just an ornament, a souvenir or a photo. Such is every visit to the Far East for me, as you can read about here. These beach holidays make you want to turn ev...
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  • Eclectic Atmosphere
    By Revital Baron November 6th, 2014 To: Decor Comments
    Spaces! For me it is definitely the "space" that first catches my eye when thinking of home. Although coziness has its advantages in terms of warmth, intimacy and embrace, for me, large, open, bright rooms with big windows will always come out on top. I assume it has something to do with freedom and having enough air to breathe.   That is why I love the House of Windsor, built as a concept house by Windsor Smith and purchased by Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin in 2012. I like the concept of having the rooms decorated by different, well-known LA designers such as Kathryn Ireland...
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