Breezy Brazilian Beach Atmosphere

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With winter storms and the cold weather outside, while some of us are heading to ski resorts, I couldn’t refrain from sharing memories of a beach vacation with sun, sea and bright blue skies— could one imagine a more relaxing vacation!  And it is hardly surprising that we then try to keep our holiday memories alive by integrating some of the concepts encountered during our time-off into our everyday lives— even if it is just an ornament, a souvenir or a photo. Such is every visit to the Far East for me, as you can read about here. These beach holidays make you want to turn every balcony into a patio and every backyard into a hideaway filled with chaise lounges, porch bed swings, and hammocks, with beach umbrellas scattered around, possibly next to a clear and inviting pool.

This beautiful home I am sharing with you today is an example of these fantasies coming true. It is located on Trancoso Beach in Brazil. You can almost feel the breeze coming through the windows; the atmosphere of this relaxing retreat is nothing less than perfect! Whether for vacation or for everyday use, there are definitely some inspiring ideas you can just breathe in, connect to and then fly with.

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All Photos by: Marco Antonio for Casa Vogue Brazil 

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