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By The Road To: Fashion Comments

The opening of a new year is a wonderful opportunity to recap; to take the time to savor and be thankful for the good things that shaped the past year and to plan for the year ahead. It can be practical decisions such as organizing the closets (I know I need to), planning a trip to somewhere new, adopting a new routine that requires self-discipline, or enriching your life by learning something new. But I find it just as important to aspire to do everything in my power to be a better person with each passing year. We all have something we need to improve: the way we treat ourselves and our surroundings, be it when driving on the road or when patiently waiting in line somewhere. We often face the need to practice patience, good manners and a willingness to accept different opinions. It is easier, I guess, to feel compassion when faced with the sorrow and misery of others; extreme situations have their way of revealing the goodness within us. It is harder, however, to accept those who are different from us, who have a different set of values, a different culture, attitude, skills, appearance, background, and so on. Being able to accept and appreciate someone or something outside of our own comfort zone is often a challenge which is easy to neglect.

I have chosen to open the Fashion section of 2015 by sharing some inspiring style images which are completely beyond my own personal preferences but which I can still understand, appreciate and respect as a means of self-expression and personal taste. Each of the images below initially caught my attention as great image compositions, and while the tutu skirt or the full red ensemble would probably not be my choice for a casual, festive or celebration outfit, I enjoy the creativity, the special combinations and the personal touch that each singles out as form of expression.

Cheers to 2015 and good luck to each and every one of you with your plans and aspirations. May this year open our souls to infinite means of communication and our hearts to an abundance of love and goodness.


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