I Believe – Part 2

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Having high regard for the power of belief as a factor that shapes our lives and perception, (you can read more about it here) has made me look for the things that I believe as part of an ongoing search to strengthen my faith.

So what do I believe in?

I believe in human kindness and in the existence of inherent goodness and compassion. Occasionally it is buried deep inside, covered with thick layers of defensive armor or other human propensities such as ego and control. But the occasions are rare when the coating is too thick to allow any traces of good to show through, and in such cases I unfortunately have to agree with Nietzsche’s saying that "man is the cruelest animal.”

I believe in the perfect match of friendship, the possibility of a connection between two different and far-removed people, and this belief that somewhere out there exist my ultimate soul mates elevates my optimism and hope. 

I believe in the power of will, not to create miracles but to make a change. Provided we are guided by a reasonable set of skills and realistic and logical thinking, then the seemingly impossible can become an achievable goal. It is the power of will that turns the unattainable into the feasible.

I believe in our ability to improve ourselves and to live up to our utmost potential. Striving to reach your potential, or the potential you believe you have, should be a life goal. It may require us to change, but I believe it is attainable when coming from inner desire and not driven by external forces.

I believe in new generations and the power of meaningful education to make a change. Not enough parents take responsibility for the messages transmitted to their kids, and I believe that both the parents and the kids are therefore missing the all-important value, namely, that it is the good done by every single one of us that makes a difference. Start by being good to yourself and to your family and friends. Reaching for further contributions for the sake of the global good, though a great cause, may diminish your prime responsibility. Similarly, while the importance of leadership is indisputable, spreading valuable messages from the bottom up can have a greater influence and effect.  

I believe in equal rights for men and women, while safeguarding their natural differences and benefitting from the united strength of their unique qualities. I believe all men and women should be presented with equal opportunities, education, and freedom over their bodies and their aspirations, regardless of their gender or origin. Although great strides have been made, there are still large parts of the world where women are far from equal.

I believe in harmony. Harmony of colors, shapes and texture to create a congenial existence. Harmony within each individual—body, spirit and soul—and within the group to seal contentment. I believe in people’s ability to submerge themselves in an environment of meaningful communication, creating an enormous database of knowledge, experience and ideas for the benefit of the whole as well as its individual parts.

Most of all, I believe in believing in oneself. With freedom and equal opportunities anything is possible.

I believe in having faith but also in the necessity of preserving and cultivating your faith. Because wherever faith exists, there are also doubts. I couldn’t belong to a place without doubts. Perhaps, to all the "I believe"s above, I should prefix "I want to (believe)" so that whenever these doubts surface, I will at least retain the hope of my beliefs.

What do you believe in? 

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