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By The Road To: Daring Women Comments

Inspiration! Depending on your interpretation, there is so much essence in this word: the exchange of ideas, observation, encouragement, new goals, plans and aspirations. Inspiration can also be a significant drive for change in women's leadership positions, encouraging more women to aspire and believe in their ability to get there. But inspiration isn’t enough. There needs to be a cross-platform adaptation in order to get the right impact of change: across home, motherhood, education and career. In corporations, more women should start climbing the ladder, more women should hold onto their jobs on their way up there, and more women should be willing to take the opportunity and lead. But change also depends on creative solutions which allow women to incorporate in their lives a career that not only matches their inclinations but also allows them to flexibly manage their time between motherhood and productivity. In order for there to be extensive change, it needs to happen from the bottom-up and involve many, many women using their unique qualities. Role models, those who made it to the top, men or women, have been and will always be the rare breed. Change is about getting on the road, starting, not being derailed by setbacks, and hoping for the best. "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go" (T.S. Eliot). Inspiration should flow from the stories of dreamers, those individuals who started by making a difference in their own lives. It is their first hesitant steps and their courage that should inspire us. It will allow for a gradual build-up of women who support them through their challenges and are happy for their successes. Today it is they who have made it; tomorrow it may be us. And a few years from now, it may be our daughters who find that this supportive ecosystem lets them excel as well.

We wish to start introducing inspiring stories of women who are pursuing their dreams. Some may be young entrepreneurs, who are not yet mothers, others may be those for whom the responsibilities of motherhood have made them look for a career which enables a better balance and who have jumped on the path of entrepreneurial venture to make their dreams come true. We encourage you to share your story with us. We hope to build a community that will support the dreamers, encourage them to push on, and help them as much as we can with ideas, connections, and yes, maybe even by buying their product if the need arises. If you want to share your own story with us, we would be happy to hear from you. Please send us an email here with a short description of your dream, and we will contact you soon.

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