It’s All About Reaching Others

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As an entrepreneur, you cannot bypass the stage of asking yourself what is your motivation. As the road is full with bumps and the process is so uncertain, in order to find the strength and energy to move on, you must have gone through the stage of wondering whether it’s really worth it.

If making money is your motivation, there are surely other less challenging and less risky ways to make a living or get rich. So the answer must be lying in a deeper, more emotional place. Except for those who are loyal to something burning deep inside them — the kind of inner urge I spoke about in a previous post Here, regarding the need To Be Seen or to explore and express creativity — what pushes us beyond the boundaries of our existing reality is, I believe, the search for additional ways of communicating and connecting with the world around us.

This series of posts, which all looked to represent the idea of "reaching others," started with the fashion post Two of a Kind, continued to a story about a woman entrepreneur — Skalski — who has realized that her power is in her sense of style, and finishes with this, my attempt to shed light on the observation that our every effort, any profession or occupation we choose, be it entrepreneurial or not, allow us to better communicate with others. Look around and you will see that everyone is making an effort, each on a different scale and reaching different circles: a mother taking care of her family, teachers educating the next generation, doctors and nurses assisting others, consultants providing services and advice, artists seeking to touch or entertain their audience and fans, leaders guiding their people — the list goes on and on. I guess that the better the choice of how to best reach others matches our own strengths and uniqueness, the better it will serve our personal needs and inclinations.

For me, it was only when this revelation met with my inclination to be very private about my thoughts, experiences and preferences that I could make a major breakthrough in my search for my own way of reaching others. Gratification, generosity, contributions or donations of time, money and energy – all for good causes – have been argued as factors for self-satisfaction and happiness. But it is our own special needs that should be addressed in this search. And although I started this journey looking for the practical meaning of my goal, I was filled with energy, strength and belief only when I could see that my most significant achievement would be to encourage this same need in others to get out there and embark on their own journey. This understanding has become a major drive to increasing not only my motivation but also my optimism, and whatever the results of my entrepreneurial efforts may be, as long as they, in any possible way, reach even one other soul, they will never be worthless.

So, whatever your way of reaching others, keep on looking for it as long as it’s needed, so that you will never feel that  you are denying yourself one of the greatest opportunities for happiness, the one derived from your own authentic and genuine means of communication. 

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