• 6 Big Mistakes To Avoid In Your Entrepreneurial Journey
    By Revital Baron April 19th, 2017 To: The Road Comments
    I have been around the tech entrepreneurial world for most of my professional career. At a certain point, feeling dissatisfied and removed from my previous aspirations, I decided to reboot and take control of my life. I must confess that this journey has been way harder than I ever imagined. In reviewing some of the mistakes I have made, I have few insights that I want to share, hoping they can help you prepare for your journey. 1. Giving up – when the going gets tough I started with a blog, hoping to learn more about the industry, find connections, and build an audience. I r...
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  • Entrepreneurs: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Whenever You Feel Like Giving Up
    By Revital Baron April 6th, 2017 To: The Road Comments
    As an entrepreneur, you probably occasionally have your moments of doubts, when you ask yourself: Should I go on, or is it time to stop? Have I reached a dead-end, or is it simply another challenge that needs to be met? On the one hand, you know you are fully invested in the process, you have devoted time and energy, you have made some sacrifices and probably put in some money; on the other hand, doubts and uncertainty are essential to progress. So how can you know whether it is time to recalibrate and move onto a different path, or, alternatively, whether you should stick with your...
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  • 7 Mind-Sets to Help You Prepare for the Entrepreneurial Road
    By Revital Baron March 30th, 2017 To: The Road Comments
    How often do you find yourself on the verge of giving up, thinking it’s just been too long since you started?  Before you make any decisions, it might be worth reminding yourself that the bigger your goal or your dream, the longer and harder it may take to get there. Along the way you'll meet endless achievers who have already arrived at their destination, either because they started earlier, they run faster, or they simply had an easier, more achievable goal. No dream is unattainable; it is just the question of distance that will determine how long it will take to achieve it. R...
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  • Want to Take the Entrepreneurial Road? You’d Better Start Running!
    By Revital Baron March 23rd, 2017 To: The Road Comments
    Running and entrepreneurship are not the same thing. You can be a great runner and have nothing to do with starting a business, and you can (apparently) be a happy and successful entrepreneur who hasn’t run a single mile in her life. Yet, there are, in my experience, a few similarities, and some thoughts that keep emerging while doing one of the two which remind me of their resemblance. 1. You never get used to the starts. No matter how many times you’ve done it before, every new run requires a call to that inner motivation starter that will get you out there one more time and "ge...
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  • If my daughter treats Hillary's loss as humiliation, I still have a lot of work to do as a mother
    By Revital Baron November 11th, 2016 To: Daring Women Comments
    The recent election's results are painful for about half of the American population. That is probably the case once every four years. But everyone agrees that these elections were like none other. It seems redundant to count the reasons but to mention just two: first, it’s the first time a women has been a major party's presidential nominee, and second, the integrity and moral standards of both candidates came up time and again and, for some mysterious reason, were overlooked each time.  Yet, far more interesting than the journey of the two candidates to the White House are...
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  • THE 5 Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs and Bloggers
    By Revital Baron October 7th, 2016 To: Blogs Comments
    One of the things I like most about the entrepreneurial journey is learning new things. These past two years have had the steepest learning curve I have ever encountered. Being a fast learner is definitely an advantage for an entrepreneur or someone wishing to create her dream career. But this post is not about what and why should be the areas to expand your horizons (we'll deal with that another time). It's about how you can learn from the experience of others who've had the chance to go through the same path and are now sharing their knowledge and insights with others. At a certain...
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  • Perfectionism and Courage – and What Lies Between Them?
    By Revital Baron July 11th, 2015 To: The Road Comments
    When you call someone a perfectionist, do you mean it as a compliment? Do you look at a co-worker or friend with a pinch of envy and think to yourself: "she's a perfectionist—no wonder she looks perfect and, at the same time, juggles all her tasks and manages her work life so well." Well, you may want to think again. Refusing to accept any standard short of perfection comes with the tendency to be orderly, detail-oriented, conscientious about following rules and doing what is right and "proper.” This often comes with a price tag, however, because the same person may be afraid of maki...
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  • Conceptual Event Planning: Flower Arrangements
    By Revital Baron July 8th, 2015 To: Decor Comments
    Flowers alone can bring magic to any event. In my opinion, it’s hard to go wrong with flowers, as long as there is a repetitive color, a fixed array of flowers, and the right vases. However, the overall effect created by a skillful hand is not easy to imitate, and so I cannot thank enough Reut Zagoni and her partner Sivan, the event designers I worked with in the event I shared with you here and here, for the beautiful flower arrangements and centerpieces I am sharing with you today.  With flowers, you don’t need a perfect result to make an impact.  As you can see,...
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  • Prints
    By Revital Baron July 6th, 2015 To: Fashion Comments
    Flowers are one of nature's perfections. It is, therefore, not surprising that designers are often inspired to capture the feeling of nature in their fabrics. Printed fabrics are often colorful and cheerful, imbuing the wearer with a sense of boldness. So too are the images I share with you today, each lending a different interpretation to the idea of prints, flowers, and their combinations. Prints can be calmer and more restrained or noisier and more self-assured. You can take the full outfit or settle for a touch just to get the spirit.  I find it hard to achieve a clean-...
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  • 7 Practical Ways to Prepare for your Entrepreneurial Journey using the "Everything Happens for a Reason" Truism
    By Revital Baron July 2nd, 2015 To: The Road Comments
    "Shallow men believe in luck, believe in circumstances… Strong men believe in cause and effect.” Ralph Waldo Be you shallow or not, luck is certainly a great ingredient to have in life but far from being sufficient. Many people do seem to believe, however, in that axiom: "Everything happens for a reason." Like me, you too, at some time or another, must have come across truisms such as: "It might take a year, it might take a day, but what's meant to be will always find its way" or "sometimes when thing are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place." And as easy as it...
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